Good for Me, Good for You, Good for Atlanta

April 1, 2014 marked my one-year anniversary of joining Boot Camp 4a Cause, also known as BC4C. I absolutely love this group and am so proud to be a member of a fitness program with a focus on the local community. I have grown absolutely smitten with the midtown skyline from the park in the early morning hours – the stars are a welcomed sight and the fresh quiet air of the morning brings a certain peace.

Piedmont Park Sunrise

Admittedly, that peace does get interrupted by sprints and burpees… but hey, that’s part of the reason to get out of bed at 5:15am – to have an awesome workout. It sets up the day perfectly.

I believe BC4C’s success starts with its founding members. They saw a need in our community, filled those gaps, and in the end created a positive and encouraging environment for group fitness. BC4C provides a healthy and fun environment with a much larger purpose.

So, what makes BC4C so special?

BC4C has given nearly $100,000 to local non-profits over the years, including Girls on the Run, Kate’s Club, and the Beltline Bike Shop. The primary beneficiary of BC4C’s charitable giving is Piedmont Park Conservancy – with $55,000 (so far) going directly to the preservation of Piedmont Park. How great is that?

Corey and Courtney at RaceAnd BC4C creates good for all of us. For example, last November BC4C organized the first annual “Run for Good” 5k, a race run entirely inside Piedmont Park with proceeds going to Piedmont Park Conservancy. The run gave us the opportunity to showcase the new areas of the park, and allowed all of the runners a chance to enjoy and celebrate our city’s greatest green gem.

I encourage you to check out BC4C to learn more. Browse the site,, and mark your calendars for Try Us Out day, which is your chance to come enjoy a workout with us for free! The next free workout is Tuesday, April 22I hope to see you there!

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