I Want to Hear From You:
Healing is…

I think about healing for a living; it’s one of the threads that creates consistency in the work I do. My recent hand surgery provided a more personal look at the process of healing — most notably the patience it is taking to rest and continue my self-care outside of the treatment room.

Thinking about my own healing has inspired me to explore the dynamic nature of healing and how people actualize healing in their lives. I certainly have my own ideas; however, I want this exploration to go further. I want to hear from you… I want to know what healing means to you and how you define it.

I will use your responses in an art piece that will be incorporated into my business and help me explore the concept of healing with my clients.

So, please help me inspire others in their own healing journey! Tell me what healing means to you in the form below.

Here are just a few of the things that I have heard from clients over the years:

Healing is...

My goal is to collect 200 responses in the next two weeks. The results of this will be shared once I reach the goal, so please help me by spreading this request far and wide (and responding yourself).

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