Therapeutic Relief for Every Need

The services at Core Balance + Wellness have been carefully crafted by Corey Dobyns and Melissa McMullan, licensed massage therapists who have a combined almost 30 years of experience with integrative health, education, and healing therapies.

  • Sports Massage

    Sports Massage

    With our sports massage services, we explore the best methodology to address pain patterns and injury prevention needs. We customize individual plans for each client to develop a balanced fitness regimen. Read more

  • Traditional Massage

    Traditional Massage

    The many benefits of traditional massage include pain relief, improved circulation and range of motion, a strengthened immune system, and better general well-being. We offer neuromuscular, Swedish, and deep tissue techniques to provide optimal relief and relaxation. Read more

  • Muscle Assessment

    Muscle Assessment

    With a Core Balance + Wellness muscle assessment, we can map muscular imbalances and provide a thorough analysis of the client’s structural and postural well-being. Read more