Craft Your Blueprint for Overall Well-Being

There is an intrinsic link between muscular fitness and overall quality of life. Healthy muscular fitness can have associative benefits through leaner body tissue, improved bone mineral density, strengthened connective tissue, and superior aerobic and anaerobic performance.

Mapping Out a Better Balance

The primary methods utilized to complete a muscle assessment are initial muscle-testing, range of motion measured with and without resistance, and postural observation. These tests provide a baseline that can be used to develop a better understanding of muscle, structural, and postural health, and also assist in mapping out a strategy for improvement in these areas.

Muscle Assessments Are Helpful Tools for Many Needs

  • Anyone seeking a more holistic understanding of his or her muscular and structural well-being
  • Athletes looking to improve performance and endurance
  • Individuals seeking to recover from surgery or injury

An Overview of Invaluable Information

  • Develop a complete understanding of muscle, structural, and postural health
  • A detailed PDF shows clients their results and lists primary muscle or postural deviations
  • Provides insights that clients can share with other health care providers
  • Assists in injury prevention, self-awareness, and recovery from injury or surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a muscle assessment?

A muscle assessment is a full body work-up of your muscular system, movement, and posture.

What should I wear to the muscle assessment?

The best option is whatever makes you most comfortable. Typically, this would be a t-shirt and shorts, or loose fitting pants and t-shirt.

Will body work be included in the assessment?

Yes. The assessment itself is a form of body work.

What is the cost of the assessment?

An assessment is $160.00, which includes 1.5 hrs. of appointment time and a full emailed report with results.