Maximize Your Athletic Potential

From world-class pro to weekend warrior, sports massage therapy is critical for any athlete. At Core Balance + Wellness, we emphasize treatments that are tailored to your specific needs. These sessions utilize a combination of neuromuscular massage, mobility work, and postural/structural observation, with a focus on areas that become stressed and fatigued due to repetitive motion and aggressive movements that are typical with sporting activities.

An Essential Component of Your Fitness Plan

Our sports massage services are heavy on client education and looking at patterns that exist to help alleviate pain long term. Because athletes are typically more active and more susceptible to injury and muscle and tissue damage, a proper sports massage plan is an important component of a balanced fitness regimen. With a customized treatment program, athletes can help improve flexibility, strengthen core muscle groups, improve endurance, and reduce opportunities for fatigue, soreness, pain and injury.

Sports Massage Provides Many Benefits

  • Prevent injuries associated with training and/or overuse of muscles, tendons, and joints
  • Optimize endurance and overall athletic performance
  • Encourage accelerated muscular recovery following exercise or injury
  • Promote greater mobility, flexibility, and durability

Ideal for Active Types and for Help with Injury Recovery

  • Athletes of any fitness level, from professionals to beginners
  • Anyone recovering from injury or enduring chronic pain
  • Participants in a training program such as “Couch to 5k to triathlons”
  • People struggling with pain related to scar tissue, past surgeries, and trauma

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be sore following the massage?

It is not uncommon to be a little sore following the session. The best way to manage the soreness is to hydrate and remain active.

Will this session benefit me if I have an injury?

Absolutely. In addition to creating a treatment plan, the sports massage session will be intensely targeted to your specific injury and associated pain patterns.

Why is it important to treat scar tissue?

Scar tissue is believed to be at the root of a majority of physical imbalances. Addressing scar tissue early in its development can help minimize any secondary scar tissue problems. Treatment can also result in reduced stiffness and greater mobility in the affected area.

What do you mean by trauma?

There are many kinds of minor and major trauma that our body can experience. An example of minor trauma is a slight sprain of an ankle. A common significant soft tissue trauma is severe whiplash resulting from a motor vehicle accident. Whether you are suffering from minor or major trauma, it is important to receive immediate treatment to avoid a chronic condition.