IT Syndrome Shouldn’t Sideline You

Does this sound familiar to you? You start off your run full of hope and free of pain. But about a mile or two into the run, you feel pain on the outside of knee or hip. Or, perhaps you feel the pain the next morning after a longer run. You try to take a few days off, but to no avail.

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Break the Twitch

Have you ever had that annoying eyelid twitch that just won’t stop? I have; and eyelid twitches top my list of one of the most […]

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Hacking Your Brain

Hack Your Brain and Break That Pain Pattern

Daily, there are thousands of decisions that your brain makes without your conscious and willing participation. You may like to think that there’s always a choice to be made; that we have control over our brain and our body. While in many ways that is true, it is false in one big way: neural pathways.

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