Eye TwitchingHave you ever had that annoying eyelid twitch that just won’t stop? I have; and eyelid twitches top my list of one of the most annoying occurrences. I thought I would help you out and give you a few tips to ending this nasty little cycle of muscle spasms.

Eyelid twitches – medically known as Myokymia – are said to be caused by fatigue, eye strain, or generalized stress. Most eyelid twitching will resolve on its own within days of its onset. However, if your twitch lasts longer than two weeks, impairs your vision, or twitching travels into your facial muscles, seek medical attention immediately.

The trick to stopping it is to “break the twitch.” Here are four tricks that will help break the cycle:

  1. Apply alternating hot and cold compresses directly to your eye,
  2. Improve consistency and quality of sleep,
  3. Decrease or stop using stimulants like coffee until your twitch subsides, and
  4. Try drinking a glass of tonic water.

I hope these tricks help you break the twitch!