Quadriceps Muscle

Featured Muscle: The Quads

The quads are explosive and powerful. These muscles are primarily active in kicking, jumping, and running. This is the group that gives the front side of your upper leg that defined and powerful look.

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Featured Muscle: Scalenes

The scalenes often harbor trigger points with more diverse and peculiar symptoms than any other muscle tissue in the body. Pain in the scalenes is often felt just about anywhere but the scalenes themselves. Instead of your scalenes, your arm or chest might hurt instead.

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sartorius muscle and massage therapy

Featured Muscle: Sartorius

The sartorius is known as the “tailor’s muscle.” The word sartorius comes from the Latin term “sartor” meaning “tailor.” It received its name because it is especially useful in assuming the cross-legged position that ancient tailors used in their work.

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Featured Muscle: Popliteus

Many people – including healthcare professionals – underestimate the value of this small but significant muscle. I bet you’re even saying now, “I’ve never heard of that muscle. Is Corey making this up? How can it possibly be so important?” Read on, and prepare to be converted.

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Featured Muscle: Psoas

The psoas is arguably one of the most important skeletal muscles in our body. It is the only muscle that connects the upper extremity to the lower extremity — spine to femur. The muscle is located near the body’s center of gravity, so it plays a major role in balance, activation of the central nervous system, and subtle energies.

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